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Maxthon Web Browser is a web browser for Android handsets that lets you enjoy just about all of the features found on the PC version of Maxthon, and all using the touch screen of your mobile phone or tablet.

The first and most important feature on Maxthon Web Browser allows you to synchronize the application with your desktop browser. This way you can have your favourites with you at all times. Additionally, you can choose from several different skins, including the traditional one for those of you who do not like the changes.

Like the desktop version, the app includes several shortcuts. You slide your finger across the screen making different shapes to trigger different actions, which speeds things up no end.

More interesting options in Maxthon Web Browser include tabbed browsing, a powerful download manager and different customizable options. Maxthon Web Browser is a powerful and easy to use browser, and thanks to this app, its users can now continue using it on their Android terminal.
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